Who We Are


Veteran Singer/Songwriter Don Ray Blassl started Margdon Records in 2009. ( Named for his late parents Margaret and Don ). Don spent the first 8 years of his music career in Austin, TX as a songwriter, singer and drummer. After that tenure, Don relocated to Nashville, TN and now has 30 plus years experience in the music business and has worked as both a paid staff writer and an independent songwriter/publisher. Don has also performed as a touring and session drummer, a demo singer and a recording Artist.

Beginning in 2009, with the long term goal of learning how to properly and professionally operate a successful record label, Don recorded and released 4 Studio Albums, 2 Singles, 1 Live Concert DVD and 1 Music Video all under the artist name Don Ray Band. While learning the ins and outs of the record label business, Don wasn't willing to experiment with and put at risk the career of any artist except himself. So, he was the first and only artist on the Margdon Records label until 2013.

During the first four years of operations, the objective was to make as many industry connections as possible and to seek out the best of the best in the business. To achieve that, Don released albums recorded at several different studios, used a couple different mastering engineers, three production companies and four radio promoters. He also released products in several genres. Blues, AAA/Americana, Roots Rock and Country. This was risky to do as a recording artist but the goal was to learn as much about as many areas of the business as possible. All was done in the name of benefiting the future artists on his label. Through his years of networking, Don now has an impressive list of business contacts, friends, colleagues and associates, all of whom can majorly help make an impact with the music released on his label.

Now confident in the proper, most cost effective and productive ways to release music to the public, Don has assembled a small staff of experienced, capable, focused and energetic folks to execute album and video releases for independent artists. 

Margdon Records Inc.